Thursday, January 22, 2009

New Resource - A Look Ahead at the New Administration/Congress

It's a new day in Washington -- with a new Congress and a new President.  For the climate issue, that means BIG changes are in store.  It is important that the agriculture sector understand the new players that will be running the committees of jurisdiction on this issue and to note what the new President's plans are -- so that the agriculture sector can be prepared to defend its interests.

An EXCELLENT resource that I highly recommend is the Agricultural Carbon Market Working Group.  This group is comprised of farm leaders who have been working and leading on the ag-climate issue for nearly 4 years.  This group is cross-commodity and geographically diverse -- so they bring many different points of view to the issue.

Of particular value is their Resources page which contains memos and white papers on various parts of the complex ag offsets/climate issue.  Today, they have added a new paper focusing on the transition of the new administration and the a new Congress -- and what that means for the ag-climate issue.  

You can read the paper by clicking here.

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